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Shameless self promotion…

Published March 7, 2014 by imwiththeblutbad

…worldwide free shipping & $5 off my in Society6 shop til 9/3/14! Including all Hannibal and other fandom related stuff 🙂


Friendly reminder for UK Grimmsters and Sleepyheads

Published February 5, 2014 by imwiththeblutbad

They’re both back at 9pm tonight on Watch and Universal. Crappy scheduling means that they’re on at the same time but luckily both channels have a +1

Can’t believe people actually do that…

Published January 24, 2014 by imwiththeblutbad

“There are, occasionally, people who tweet at me to tell me that I’m not as sexy as Ichabod. So, there’s no way it can never go into my head. They say, ‘Ichabod’s very sexy. Tom Mison is not.’ I’m very sorry about that.” [x]

What the hell is wrong with these people?!


Published January 21, 2014 by imwiththeblutbad


I can’t be the only one who saw Katrina look at them weird when Ichabod and Abbie hugged like OMG. Even Katrina saw how much they cared for one another.

Yep, noticed that too! Love those Ichabbie moments but it was weirdly awkward with Katrina stood right there…

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