Published July 10, 2014 by imwiththeblutbad


Follow Forever

All of these blogs I have followed, or talked to since before the he-ate-us and they have stood out to me, I will be adding to it as I follow more people 🙂  More Here

Mostly Hannibal / Cast Blogs

bansheegrahamtao, bonearenaofmyskull, carnal-carrion, chiltonsfacehole, crunchpo, danish-cravings, doomed-in-life, drinkbloodlikewine, dr-h-a-n-n-i-b-a-l


fringeofmadness, funluvinhannibal, grahams-fanboy, graham-unhinged

hannibals-design, hannibees, hannidoodles, hannigrahmy, hannigram  hanni-o-canni, hannisballs, jdforest, jenkotsu, ktgay

loshka, marthadelaurentiis, meganmachine, mixed-bless-ing, mtzgtz, nbchannibal, ourautocannibalism

redlum, sweetconformity, sylvadove, tattle-crime, the-artist-slake, thefannibals, thischarmingdevil, vergermeat

whenfandomplaysnice, willpuppygraham, will-grahams-empathy, will-grahams-straitjacket, willskissograham, yourareunearthlything

Part-Hannibal / Cast Blogs

boardingtheark, angelotims, marquessofpembroke, yllucs,
donquibug, pocketwill, mongoosewillygraham, willgrahamslosthealth, granpappy-winchester, twerkinghannibal, dat-willgraham-doe, galaxiesinlivingeyes, niche-pastiche, sun-to-sirius, sadames

Non-Hannibal Blogs

asha-volca-nova, tinsnip , acanofpeaches, fearourfourthline, cottna, crabtreee, murdoch-mondays, piemakingdeadwaker, murdochmysteriescrazy, otachistongue, acupofgeek, theorlandojones, cardassians, trulygeeky

Special Mentions

halfwolf-tk, kingsabbytheawesome, homoette , dontyouwantafanta, trr-rr , fangirling-and-lovin-it, watson-sighs-and-tuts

(I really hope I didn’t miss anyone, let me know if I did)

I’m a bit late seeing this but thanks sooo much for the special mention! 🙂 You just made my day! (And I have more Brownham fics coming soon btw) 


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