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The more I ship Brownham the more I feel like I’m cheating on Hannigram (& yes I’m aware of how ridiculous that sounds)

Don’t feel bad, this is called Multi shipping. You can have fun in both parts of the…

omfg don’t even get me started on all my ships for SPN, there’s so many;

I love having a variety of ships; and I agree that shows do it on purpose, so there’s plenty of pairing for different people.

Some people ship Hannigram, others ship Hannibloom, and some are starting to ship Brownham – it’s all good, in my eyes, and I love how the show openly endorses all of our pairings, without making us feel ashamed at all about who we ship.

I love that they allow us to ship whoever we want and do whatever they need for the plot. What I don’t like are the shipping wars or fans within fandom shaming others for what they ship. I mean, we’re called Fannibals for a reason, sometimes I think we aught to eat our own fans just to cull out the nasties. 

I hate it so much when other fans ship or kink shame (like jfc, if it’s not personally affecting you then you should just leave well alone??). The creators of the show don’t do it, so the fans need to stop doing it; and not just in the Hannibal fandom (bc I have seen some of it within this fandom) but fans from any fandom.

It’s just unnecessary really, and it pisses a lot of people off. Something I really hate, though, is when people tag their ship hate. God, nothing annoys me more than that, seriously. 

I bet you’ve seen the hate for Hanngiram shippers then; Last year I got so pissed I yelled at the haters on that tag a couple times. This is the first fandom that I got into from the start. And it bugged me that a bunch of assholes thought they actually had to tell those who shipped it that it was abusive. Yeah, from what I’ve seen not one Hannigram shippers argues that it isn’t. But you know what, I say it’d be the same fro Clarice/Hannibal. Anyone you pair up with Hannibal runs the risk of being used in his own peculiar ways. 

I totally agree; the creators don’t ship or kink shame so Fandom should take a page out of their book and do the same thing. It’s okay for all of us to have fun. It’s not okay to be bullied for how we choose to have said fun. 

Totally agree with both of you.  Ship hate and kink shaming is not ok, I haven’t said much about but I’m sick of it! I also love how the people who actually make the show let us ship what we want. That’s as it should be. I’ve seen a TON of hate on the Hannigram tag already tonight and for Hannibloom it’s bad too.


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