Published January 26, 2014 by imwiththeblutbad






apparently that new Hannibal footage video has spoilers???

I love this show to pieces but its weird, with this show spoilers haven’t ever really been a primary issue? (For once)

Idk should i just watch it?

The trailer and all the new…

That was very vivid but in really good way. I totally get what you mean, you may want to hold back on watching the footage then, but it’s gonna be tough avoiding gifs and stuff from it on here til the 28th!

ooooo thank you then for your input! i think i will hold off. (and i’m pretty good at quickly scrolling past gifs, esp since the hannibal fandom isn’t friggin gigantic like sherlock or doctor who)

but yeah i’m just getting excited!! either way the waiting is unbearable! 

You’re welcome (I don’t often get thanked for my input on anything)! I can’t wait for it either, just installed a season 2 countdown widget on my tumblr so I’m literally counting the minutes now!


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