Published September 27, 2013 by imwiththeblutbad


(Warning: not a happy ending. Also posted on AO3)


At eight they become best friends. Cas moves to the neighbourhood, and while he looks kind of pathetic standing at the edge of the playground, watching everyone else ride their bikes on the hot summer’s day, Dean gives him a chance anyway. And Cas turns him down and goes home.

He turns up again the next day, and Dean ignores him, still stinging from yesterday’s rejection. But Cas stares intently, looking fairly desperate to get on a bike and ride, and Dean gives in. Frowning, but remembering his manners like the good boy mama always says he is, he offers the boy another turn on his bike. Cas nods hesitantly, before leaning close to whisper something in Dean’s ear.

Dean spends the rest of the afternoon teaching Cas how to ride a bike.

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Ohhh wow. This is so good! Happy endings are great but the sad ending for this just seemed to fit. Love to read the part 2, if you write it 🙂


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