Turning 29 Is….Actually Fine.

Published September 18, 2013 by imwiththeblutbad

So here it is. 11. 42pm September  18th 2013. Just minutes away from the day  I officially turn 29 years old.

I’ve been kinda dreading this day for several months and had even decided to cancel my birthday altogther (apart from a couple of presents and cards of course, I’m not entirely stupid ;)) I felt like this was what I wanted for a few reasons.

This summer I lost someone I loved,  I’m still working on processing that and my grief for another person I lost 3 yrs ago. Birthdays just aren’t the same anymore.

Added to that, my best friends both work and live away and I won’t get to see them for a while yet.

Then there’s the age thing. Cos we all know what comes after 29. The big ‘Three Oh’.  I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be by this point in my life and most people I know seem to have things sorted: work, relationships and an alphabetised dvd collection. But my life has never been straightforward so I’ve adapted to what it’s chucked at me. When life gave me lemons I made made martini’s 😉

But a few cool, unexpected things happened today:  My best friend sent me the most awesome pressie in the post 🙂 My cousins sent me flowers! People are aready leaving happy birthday messages on my Facebook, and my mum got me a giant purple birthday balloon. 🙂

My birthday tomorrow isn’t cancelled, because the people who care about me wouldn’t let me do that 🙂 Which is actually the best present ever 🙂

So maybe it’s not about the number, and what I’m supposed to have done or achieved by now. Maybe it’s about me and how I see myself.

Maybe turning 29 is actually fine 🙂


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