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I’m a grade 12 in high school who just happens to wear a K-cup bra. I live a fairly normal high school existence, except for the fact that my bust size often gets me in trouble with teachers, especially female teachers.

Now, my school has a uniform that involves a blouse. Being a busty person, I need to undo three buttons in order to have it fit right without it being undone to below my breasts. Even then, it’s a bit of a stretch. There is literally no way to disguise my breasts. Even when I’ve bound them for crossplay, they still look like really large pectoral muscles. I’m also really confident with my body, so I don’t see why I should have to hide what my body looks like at school.

So you can imagine how angry it makes me when a teacher pulls me aside and whispers “you need to do your top up,” as if my life depended on it.

“You know what? You need to mind your own business,” is what I want to say.

Most of my bras don’t push my breasts together that much, anyway, so most of the time, you’ll see my sternum before any cleavage. If you’re so offended by a bone that protects the heart or a whopping whole inch of two bags of fat on either side of it, then I suggest you get a life.

The way the neckline of my blouse is cut also covers the centre of my bra (most of the time), and I have to either spread it apart (like in the picture), sit or kneel below someone, or lean forward for anyone to actually see it.

Now, notice the little white bow right at the top of the bra’s centre in the picture. Most bras have some little ornamentation there, like a bow or a crystal.

I think that’s there in case the bra accidentally peeks out from a shirt or dress; to make it look pretty as opposed to something with a purely industrial purpose. It almost glorifies the sternum and the rest of the bra, which is how I think every inch of someone’s body should be treated.

Bras don’t see anything offensive about a bone that shields the heart.

Bras are smarter than people.

One of my cousins hit puberty in the second grade.

She had an hourglass figure by the time she entered middle school. 

Her first boyfriend thought she was just a bigger girl until the first time they went swimming together, because she’d gotten into the habit of wearing huge sweaters- even in the middle of summer, which can get hot enough to warrant heatstroke warnings- to try to disguise her chest.

This is because everywhere she turned, she was painted as a deviant, sexually promiscuous and attention-seeking youth. She started babysitting for a family friend when she was twelve, and grown women stared in open disapproval when she took the little boy out in his stroller for some fresh air. Men started catcalling at her and approaching her on the street when she was barely thirteen. Teachers looked down on her despite her uniformly excellent grades. Parents of friends immediately pointed to her as a bad influence when things went wrong, despite her immaculate record of just generally being a sensible sort of girl. She had very few female friends, and most of her high school peers assumed that she was sexually involved with most, if not all, of her many male friends. She never was. 

This needs to stop.

This isn’t a fanservice video game where you get to choose cup size and bounciness before you start a round. This is real life. Unless she resorts to surgery, the amount of tissue a girl carries on her chest is completely outside of her control, and has nothing to do with her personality, abilities, or achievements.

Stop demonizing breasts. They’re just breasts.

From the barest bump to the cup that runneth over, a breast is a breast, and it should never be an object of shame.

She who carries the chest in question wasn’t doing anything shameful.

But if you feel the need to shame her, you were.

just slow clap it out

Bless this post.

Maybe if we didn’t treat men and teenage boys like helpless babies when it came to sex, they would learn to control themselves and maybe even become insensitive to the little bit of skin they might see? The only thing repression does is over-sexualize everything until men are “driven” to rape at the sight of a mere ankle (read: people will excuse men raping at the sight of an ankle).

My God, this is all so accurate!  One of my best friends at junior school (I think that’s middle school in the US?) had a big bust. I didn’t, so I thought it she was pretty lucky at first. Then I could see all the negative attention she was getting. Boys our age, and older making icky remarks, girls being bitchy to her, and other kids telling her to “get your boobs out of my face” when she was only standing next to them in class. All because her body matured much faster than the rest of us. Something she had no control over.
And that was about 15 years ago! (Yeah, I’m in my v late twenties). It’s a damn shame society hasn’t progressed.


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