Published August 17, 2013 by imwiththeblutbad





dat ass

i’m just saying so don’t hate. but it’s fucking gross when girls wear LEGGINGS as pants. like stop dressing like a slut. people think it’s cute when it’s not. :b

how are you going to be a total asshole and then proceed to say “dont hate”. 


you know whats fucking gross and reeallly not cute at all? your internalized misogyny and judgment towards others for wearing LEGGINGS AS PANTS. WHICH BY THE WAY, ARE STILL PANTS. 

also please enlighten me, how in the god damn fucking shit does wearing an article of clothing that covers your entire lower half make a woman a slut?YOUR LOGIC IS CERTAINLY FLAWED DEAR


i don’t need stress from tumblr when it’s about being yourself and to express yourself without bullshit and being judged.”

Okay, lets get serious right now. You assume a woman is a slut simply because she wears leggings for pants. Obviously if a woman wears leggings, she’s sexually promiscuous, right? lol. Well, good news, you can express yourself all you want but remember so can everyone else. and when you express your asshole, idiotic, ignorant opinion ON A PUBLIC FORUM do not complain when you get retaliation. Women can wear what they want, fuck who they want, act how they want, and do whatever they want and they don’t need a clueless teenager to police them.


im done

wait jk for all of the dumbfucks who still insist that leggings/yoga pants are actually not pants at all


An outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg.
pants – pantaloons – breeches – slacks

now shut the fuck up

well damn.

And all these years I’ve been going wrong…I should’ve been wearing leggings on my head, clearly


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